Mago is a multidisciplinary performance installation integrating music, dance, animation, ritual and Korean shamanism.

The Korean word, PURI refers to the relieving and releasing of suppressed or suffering spirits. Dohee Lee created the PURI Project in 2004 as way to incorporate multiple art forms to bring meaning to people’s lives and vitality to their souls. The project fulfills Dohee Lee’s goal to continually explore interdisciplinary collaborations in her fight for peace and social justice in Spirituality.

15th April 2014


Long time ago, my ritual.

Long time ago, my ritual.

4th April 2014


Myth and her/history

Myth is full of truth that is owned by the people.
but History is full of lies or hidden stories that need to be revealed the truth.
we are living in full of stories that will become a history or a myth.
I need to own our stories so it becomes the power of myth and his,herstories. never lies, never disappears…
To do so, Art/ritual are the actions to make that happen to me as an artist.

신화는 사람들이 믿고 만들어낸 진실이고 사실이다. 그러나 역사는 거짓과 숨김으로 가득한 이야기들이다. 이 이야기들은 그 사실이 그 숨김이 드리워지기를 바란다. 그렇담 어떻게 할것인가!

우리 또한 신화가 역사가 될 이야기속에서 살아가고 있다. 우리는 이 이야기들을 이끌어나가야한다. 그리고 그것을 신화로 이야기로 남겨야한다. 거짓이 아니고, 사라져갈 그 와 그녀의 이야기가 아닌, 그것이 신화로 남겨질 힘으로 말이다.

그렇게 하기위해선, 나에겐 예술이 믿음이된다, 힘이된다. 그것이 내가 사람들과 함께 만들어내는 신화이고 역사가 되며 우린 그것의 주인이 된다.

1st April 2014

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in spite of itself (ALL PURPOSE, CRUSHED) →

From Poet Stephanie Young, who I met at Montalvo Art center and shared the performance. this is her blog…

22nd March 2014


Ordering, shaping and reshaping “Journey” for MAGO

I am playing with index cards which is my favorite material to arrange my thoughts and words.Started with no orders just words and images.. but now, they are finding their way to line up. Still need to put and also take away. I am repeating this two actions continuously. it became the card game for me.

I know I need more resource for collecting and supporting the ideas and stories.. but it will come magically. I believe in it.

The piano in my studio at Montalvo became a table of Ideas factory.

21st March 2014


Waterways, time weaves

waterways, our time and stories weave together.. Sometime, it is so far from ancient time or historical time but we feel them because this water is always there for us… water exist since it was created… it has longest memories and stories and wiser than us. I am drawing my memories on the sand and these waves comes and goes, erase it and give me blank sand to draw… endlessly.image

Photo by 사유진”제주:년의 춤”

the power of water, ocean… it keeps giving us the opportunity, vital purpose  of life force.

Never give up.. but keep flowing… like wave, comes and goes… birth and death.. cycle of the life.

20th March 2014

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#7. Rememberance of Jeju “Washing clothes spot”


this is the place that all women go to wash their family’s clothes… I met 93 years old woman in Jeju. she brought her granddaugther’s clothe. Using old style of washing stick to clean the clothes. She reminded my grandmother… and thought about what I am cleaning up nowimage

Photo by 사유진”제주:년의 춤”

What I want to wash, What we need to let go into the water….  I learned while I was doing this shooting. I was trying to clean up the clothe on the mossy rock. but after I rinse to the water… it is very clean but when I put onto the rock, it becomes dirty again…  this is the life that we are practicing everyday our life.

It is okay because there is the water flow to wash again… and we flow with it. Water….. and Flow……Comes and Goes.

20th March 2014

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#6. Rememberance of Jeju “Crow”

I never saw these many crowsimageThey are mostly found the middle high inland. (Junggansan area) which means middle high of Hanra mountain and middle area of Jeju surrounded by Hanran mountain. this area are the most people died during the 4.3…

They seemed like witnesses of that Massacre. I had lots of feeling of this bird and falling in love with this bird. they are like messengers… sometimes their appearances are scary because they seemed like protecting something.. like spirits and maybe the land.. and they are mostly to me very mysterious… their sounding was like communicating to each other and beyond to the spirits. very active… and very loud voices that make sure we are listening to them… You do not want to do anything bad or wrong ^^. so I really like their dignity… something transforming from the death… and that fog…. yes! it was absolutely fairy tale…image

20th March 2014

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#5. Rememberance of Jeju ” Chilmeoridang Youngdung ritual”

Another goddess in Jeju is “Wind goddess- youngdeun halmang” who comes with wind and she sows the seafood seed in the ocean. so Lunar calendar Feb 1st to Feb 15th is the period time to celebrate her arriving, sowing and departing. this ritual is welcoming her and sending her back to

her land. During the ritual, who are the mostly involved in this ritual is Divers and Fishermen and family of fisherman. their sending ritual goes 8 hours in out door without break. I was so amazed by weather and their commitment for doing this ritual. and they have been doing many years and years especially in this cold weather that is why his is the only time that Divers are not working, actually they can not work because the cold weather.

My next step will be more learning about this ritual. there are two kind of shamans (they called “Simbang”) Male and female. so you can see male and female simbangs are rotating the ritual.

the paths that they create very metaphorically and meaning of that is so fascinate and divers and fishermen and wives of fishermen or business people of fish how they are involving in this ritual was so truthful and so needed this ritual…. You can totally see and feel how this ritual is tightly connect to people’s lives and their work… so beautiful and powerful that it can only happen in this island where people rely on the ocean and weather.

20th March 2014

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#4. Rememberance of Jeju ” Sulmundae Halmang” Jeju creator

Since I worked at “Mago” project, I was looking at Jeju Island’s myth and of course there was a goddess “Sulmudae Halmang” Halmang means grandma but it could be a giant one can transform to different ages and genders… that is how I guess about Mago and Sulmundae Halmang.. this island is all about this goddless how she use this island create the shape of island. and that is really beautiful and funny.

I went to this stone park in Jeju, wow what a huge place and what a huge vision that they created… still they are working on creating Sulmudae Halmang museum.. can not wait to see that in near future.

in front of these huge stones, I could imagine the mythical world that how big and giant it could be… and felt their power, compassion and love.this sulmundae and obaekjanggun story is like this.

Sulmundae halmang was cooking the soup for her 500sons and the pot was huge to make soup then she fell into the pot of soup and she died when 500sons came back and they smelled delicious soup and they ate all soup then last son found the mom’s bones in the pot and they all cried out so tragically and became the stone… so when you go up to the hanra mountain you can see the these huge stones called for 500sons.

20th March 2014

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#3. Rememberance of Jeju “Gangjeong village”

My tearful place in this present time in Jeju.There were no words for this struggle… I do not know how to describe this… I just sat there and cried..

This was, is and will continue…. I was asking myself, what I can do as an aritist and as a people of jeju and people of Korea and people of in this humanity. I was asking and asking myself.. what can I do… what my art can do….

so I stand there at Metburi where the Gurumbis are and gone… So I stand there to watch the boundary of two worlds that we are living in… and I decide to do something here

early morning, we looked at the sun rising and wish our peaceful land through dance, sound of gong and songs… Jeju island, people called “Peaceful island… but this place are totally irony to what they called this island.. what does mean by peaceful land…